We were very pleased to again welcome Annabelle Chauncy at last Tuesday’s meeting to update us on the wonderful work her School for Life Foundation has and continues to achieve in Rural Uganda providing education opportunities to local communities.


The drought relief effort of Rotary has been very well funded and is providing much needed assistance to rural towns and farming communities in NSW. This club has explored a number of avenues our relatively small contribution could be best utilised and a decision will be made at next week’s meeting after discussing any further suggestions from our members.


Saturday 15 September will see us assisting in “Clean up the World Day” and while we have a number of proposed sites to concentrate our efforts we await Jaz , the campaign’s ambassador , to return from overseas to decide on the chosen harbourside location. I am seeking volunteers to assist us on the day. Please let me know if you are available so we can co-ordinate the project to have a greater impact.


At next Tuesday’s meeting Jacqui Taffel will talk to us on the subject “Primary School Ethics Program”.


President Allan