Last Tuesday, Dr. Shelley Kay from Sydney University presented a very comprehensive report on a trial under way to determine the effects of exercise on the prevention and treatment of colon cancer. Preliminary results clearly indicate that exercise can dramatically improve the long-term survival prospects of colon cancer sufferers.  The inference is that almost all cancer patients would also benefit. Exercising to raise one’s heartrate to (220-Age)×0.8 beats per minute for as little as 5 minutes a day does the trick!  So, if one is 70 years of age, the formula says the ideal heart rate is (220-70)×0.8=120 bpm.


Shelley mentioned her team is working in conjunction with The Exercise Clinic at Crows Nest and should we need guidance or encouragement, they would be very happy to help us!


We also wished Allen Colburt a very happy 75th birthday in his absence.


Our club forum will be held on Tuesday, 11 September, I look forward to seeing as many members in attendance to discuss the various projects already in place and welcome further suggestions.


President Allan