The issues relating to safe train travel were brought to our attention at last Tuesday’s meeting by our member and speaker, Colin Bush.  Having significant experience in rail safety he gave us basic summaries of three major rail incidents, two in Australia and one in the USA. He explained how the investigations are conducted and of the “Swiss Cheese” scenario, a term used to explain how a number of minor factors combine to cause a major incident.


I am very pleased to advise that ticket sales for our upcoming Magic Show have been strong and our expectations for funds raised will be met and hopefully exceeded.


However, I must say that I am slightly disappointed with the lack of response from our club members to our Halloween party to be held on the evening of the Magic show.  For those of you who attended last year’s party and those who didn’t please try to get a group of friends together and make up a table or part thereof and help us have some FUN!


Next Tuesday, 23 October we will hear from Graham Kenny on the subject, Manufacturing in Australia’s Future.


President Allan