Five meetings have passed since President Allan set off to see his family in England and now we look forward to welcoming him back to take the reins for another year, after our Club Change-over on Tuesday night. It will be hard to top our last year's results, but we are already well on the way with two Bunning's BBQs (24th August and 6th October), another Halloween Party (2nd November) AND the World Festival of Magic (16th November) all in place for the coming six months!


Although many members were away last Tuesday, we still had a lively meeting with visitors and members interested to hear Virginia's story and her plans to work with the elderly in our area, helping them to move to appropriate housing and de-clutter their lives. Jason Bogovich, an American living in Manila kindly presented us with a copy of the book celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Manila. Our other visitors included a former guest speaker and friends from the Waverton Hub, with which our ties are strengthening.


While Allan and Ken return from overseas this week and Jaz and Andrew both returned only recently, Greg is still away and Cathie and Virginia have just left for extended trips. We always look forward the safe return of our members.