Last Tuesday Harry Callen, a student at University of Newcastle, part way through a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering course gave us an interesting talk on his 4 week immersion into Borneo highlighting both the similarities together with the differences between life in Australia and Indonesia.


After listening and seeing his experiences to the remote parts of Kalimantan I was dismayed to later discover that the Indonesian capital will be moved to East Kalimantan province. What effect this will have on the rainforests and the region’s Orangutans remains to be seen.


The tele-marketing campaign for ticket sales to our performance of the World Festival of Magic has begun and we have great expectations for this year’s show to be held on Saturday, 16 November.


Two weeks prior on Saturday, 2 November we will hold our Halloween Party at the Cammeray Golf Club and you will find details later in this bulletin.


On Tuesday, 3 September a Club Forum will be held at Piato and I invite all members to attend and join in discussions on our club’s current and future plans.