Last Tuesday morning we held a Club Forum which was co-ordinated by Andrew Young. He did a wonderful job preparing the agenda and all members present were updated on our club’s current financial status together with payments made for the previous year. Such payments were approved during the board meeting convened at the time.


We managed to cover most of the items on the agenda and I believe we achieved a number of significant decisions on our club’s future with regard to our website with Ken Preshaw , Greg Blainey and John McGregor being given the task of moving this project forward and reporting back to us on developments.


Our Treasurer, Moira, advised that the first receipts  from World Festival of Magic ticket sales have been received and that the tele-marketing program is proceeding well.


Later that morning myself, Iain and Cathie visited the Royal Far West’s “Centre for Country Kids” in Manly. We were given a tour of this brand new facility by the organisation’s Fundraising Manager, Tara Tan and we came away very impressed with the great work they are achieving.


On Tuesday night, 10 September our social dinner will be held at Piato restaurant so there will be no breakfast meeting.