Our club held a forum meeting last Tuesday and whilst we didn’t get through all the items on the agenda, those members present contributed to the discussions in their usual knowledgeable way.  One of the topics was the ongoing drought and the huge impact such is having on many country communities. Allen Colburt has experienced the effects on local people first hand through his continued relationships formed during his various past roles doing business in rural areas.


Both he and I will be attending a Books in Homes, Book Giving Assembly at Stuart Town Public School in early December and I will be getting in contact with local Rotary Clubs in the nearby towns. My aim is to possibly arrange a meeting with these Rotary Clubs during our brief visit to the region to discuss what our club can do to assist local communities. 


Early last Thursday morning, 24 October,  Iain, Cathie, Ken and myself were at Milsons Point Railway Station collecting for End Polio Now and we would like to thank all those wonderful school children and other commuters for their generosity in donating to this worthy cause.  Later in the day Iain and I returned to the station to greet Mark Anderson and his team of Rotarians on their way through the station but somehow missed them! We trust that they had a great day and appreciate them giving up their time to be involved with the End Polio Train Ride.


On Tuesday, 29 October our speaker will be Ahmed Fattah who will present his topic - Your personal data – Risks and opportunities