At last Tuesday morning’s Zoom meeting we recorded our largest number of participants since we started the online format with 19 members and guests logging on to hear from our speaker Julie Beadle.  Julie is a researcher at the Hearing Hub, Macquarie University and told us of her interest in ageing and communication, particularly how hearing loss can affect communication across the lifespan.  She is seeking community members to be involved in research participation once the current Covid19 restrictions allow.


I am pleased to advise that myself and 5 other club members met for lunch at Piato on Wednesday for discussions on various club matters including plans for our club to be involved with a BBQ at a Farmer’s Market in Millers Point.  We have been offered this fundraising opportunity for a period of 5 weeks with a possible start date on Monday, 15 June. For us to offer cashless transactions we are currently setting up 2 Square “tap and go” readers which will then enable us to utilize this payment method at future events and meetings.   If you are willing to assist us with these BBQ’s, which are held each Monday from 3 – 7pm I look forward to hearing from you.


I would like to remind members that with no other fundraising options at the present time our request to members for a Zoom meeting levy of $30.00 per month is very helpful and look forward to your remittances to our club bank account.

A handmade thank you card has been received from a Molong family who had received vouchers for purchases at local businesses in our Drought Assistance package earlier this year.   Such a kind gesture on their part makes me proud to be a Rotarian.