Presidents Press - 16 May 2017

Jenny Horsfield’s telling of the story of Rania ‘Rainbow’ MacPhillamy last Tuesday was a delight; well informed, illustrated, compassionate and complete.


Rania was the pretty and accomplished daughter of a wealthy family who went to the Middle East in 1915 to nurse wounded soldiers, but found a special place in canteens for servicemen on R & R.  The story of her life, both overseas and later in Australia was recorded in correspondence kept by her family until Jenny chanced upon it and was able to put it in order, conduct the necessary research and write about it. As with many life-stories from these years, it was not a tale of uninterrupted happiness. Close friends were killed, families were separated and there were periods of isolation and loneliness. Nevertheless, it is a story well worth the knowing.

Thanks this week to Anne and Trent who have offered to help at the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal North Sydney collection centre at the Australian Catholic University on Sunday 28th May. To those unable to help in this way, please welcome collectors who knock on your door or make a donation when the opportunity arises next to this worthy cause Iain.



Jenny Horsfield