Presidents Press - 10 May 2017

Until we heard Jacquelynne Wilcox’s presentation, some of us thought we had experienced managing crises! But, knowing how best to respond to reports of contaminated baby formula or riots at refugee camps or fixing a proposal for the supply of a fleet of submarines is another kind of crisis altogether! Jacquelynne is the Managing Director of Powell Tate’s Australian office. Her business is corporate communications management and her portfolio of case studies makes spell-binding reading.  How often has a life time of hard work vaporized in a few minutes?  Nevertheless, Jacquelynne is able to distil the key aspects of crisis management down to elements that we all can understand and apply. First, we should all PREPARE for the inevitable. Then we must RESPOND concisely, consistently
and compassionately. Finally, we must plan to RECOVER.

Allan has stepped into Warren’s shoes to take over both the Entertainment Book and BowelCare programs on our half. (Warren and Joan are taking off for Canada and Alaska, and we wish them a safe trip.) Entertainment Books, either in a physical or digital form are available already for the coming financial year. Please speak to Allan if you would like to buy one, or many. And the BowelCare program is continuing until the end of this month. The test kits are available from many pharmacies. The present scheme is very economical, costing only $15 and even negative results are reported for peace of mind.


Jacquelynne Wilcox