Our meeting room was overflowing last Tuesday. Some guests came along to hear Alison Crossley and Paul English tell us about ‘That’s My Life’; others came to see what Rotary is like in North Sydney early on Tuesdays; and some came to share the friendly banter over a Piato breakfast. Whatever the reason, everyone is always welcome to join us for breakfast!


‘That’s My Life’ is a business which helps individuals and organizations tell their stories. In many cases, the storyteller is an elderly family member and the audience is their extended family. Businesses can also make use of this service to present their histories, descriptions of who they are and what are their aims. The subject clearly resonated with many listeners, whose comments and questions indicated how often we have thought about preparing such a record only to find we are too late and the person involved has lost their memories or even died.


Time is running out if you have not purchased the Rotary BowelCare test kit from the local chemist. We shall be collecting the unsold kits at the end of the month and returning them, together with payment from the pharmacies to the area co-ordinators.


Please reserve Tuesday 27th June in your diaries for our “Change-over Night”. While the before and after faces stay the same this year, there is no reason to waste such a good opportunity to have a celebratory dinner. The venue will be confirmed very soon.




Alison Crossley and Paul English