Once again, our guest speaker has brought to our attention the work of a dedicated network of individuals helping those in need. Last Tuesday, it was Greg Dillenbeck’s turn. Flying small aircraft is one of his interests and he puts his spare time to excellent use flying those in need seeking medical care from remote parts of NSW to Sydney under the auspices of Angel Flight, a registered charity based in Brisbane.

Angel Flight has a small office in Brisbane, where they coordinate some 20 requests for their services every day. They have recruited nearly 3,000 privately licensed pilots, who are prepared to use their own planes to fly to outback locations collecting and returning people needing help to reach medical treatment.  These volunteers receive only reimbursement of the cost of their fuel. They are complemented by an even larger number of individuals who act as earth angels, meeting the Angel Flights to ferrying the passengers to and from their medical appointments in the city. See more information about Angel Flights, including how to volunteer as a pilot or driver at www.angelflight.org.au.


On 20th June, the Club Forum will resolve our final donations for the current Rotary year. If you would like to suggest a deserving cause for consideration, please let me know.