Last week may prove to be a major milestone in the development of our Club’s fundraising capability. In recent years, we have been largely dependent on the ‘Breakfasts with our Leaders’ at the Kirribilli Club to raise our charity budget, but now we may be able to expand this stream with Magic!


Bruce West came from Auckland to explain how we could work together to stage a ‘Festival of Magic’ for North Sydney. His well-established model obtains funds from local businesses to enable children in need to attend a magic stage show. The magicians are professional entertainers engaged for a tour around Australia and their magic makes everyone involved a winner! If all goes well, we can expect to host our first festival in October or November next year.


The Kirribilli Centre may be one of the recipients of additional funds we might raise. The Centre’s manager, Miriam Dixon told us how they are working to extend their services among the local community by reaching out to the lonely and others in need. Moira reminded us that we helped establish the café at TKC by the purchase of furniture and Miriam noted that the café presently operates to train young people in hospitality and service.


We sometimes forget how many of our donations just keep giving!