Looking around the breakfast tables last Tuesday during Amanda Kane’s presentation, it was clear she was preaching to the converted. Judging by the empty plates, it seems everyone follows the ‘love food hate waste’ mantra, although the quality of Piato’s breakfast may also be a consideration!


Amanda presented a comprehensive and at times surprising picture of the NSW EPA’s varied programs to understand, reduce and make best use of city waste. The scale of the issue is considerable. While there are some 100,000 people in NSW constantly seeking help in obtaining food to eat, average households are throwing out produce with a value of $3,800 every year, about 6 litres every week! The EPA estimates that various social waste programs are now rescuing over 6,000T of edible food every year and diverting it to food banks and other avenues serving the needy in the community. Amanda’s advice to us was to buy only what we need, since avoidance of waste was by far the most effective way of managing this growing problem.


Are you a knitter? Marjorie is looking for help for the ‘Wrap with love’ project to knit Rememberance  Day red poppy shawls and covers. Her group is working to produce thousands of poppy squares ready for 11th November. Let me know if you would like to participate!



Finally this week, we were delighted to welcome Wayne Rushton to our membership. Wayne’s knowledge of the local community will be a great asset and help us accurately target those in need around us.