Books-in-Homes’ CEO Peter Large’s presentation brought us up to date with recent changes at this charity, which has been one of our core causes over the past seven years.


The charity provides books-of-choice to children living in difficult circumstances around Australia, encouraging early literacy and reading skills. Last year, Books in Homes Australia assisted 1,540 families in their Early Childhood Program, 437 children in the Preschool Program, and 12,290 students in the Primary Program. Over 2 million books have been distributed across Australia since 2001! If you would like to know more about this program or our small part, let me know and I can send you Peter’s presentation.



With so many members away travelling at the moment, it is an ideal time to gather images of Rotary in action around the world. Moira has sent me images of Rotary fundraising in Scotland for ‘Shelter boxes’. I can add this to a photo I took recently in Nova Scotia advertising a Rotary Club, 30 years old just like us, but with US$2.5M in fundraising to its credit! Watch out for the montage in the Bulletin, reminding us all that we can be far from home and yet still find a warm welcome amongst the world-wide family of Rotary.