Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise Bulletin Page 1

I hope our members who couldn’t get a proper view of the presentation last Tuesday will accept my apology for failing to move our meeting to the larger room! Over the last few months, the number of people attending our meetings has been growing steadily and with several members returning from absences and a sprinkling of visitors, it was a squeeze! Next week we shall move to the larger room and everyone can enjoy some elbow room.


We have been waiting for some time to hear Master Mariner Ted van Bronswijk tell us about his experience in salvaging HMS Nottingham, the Royal Navy warship which ran onto rocks off Lord Howe Island in 2002. Our patience was well rewarded. Ted’s unique view of this event gave us rare insight into the way in which disasters of this type can be managed. Although several officers lost their careers, there were no fatalities and the ship was saved and returned to service. Altogether, this made a remarkable story which Ted told with the authenticity and authority only possible from someone intimately involved.


Jaz and Cathie are answering the desperate call for help recently received from School for Life. Annabelle Chauncey’s group are packing a container on Wednesday 4th October bound for their project in Uganda. If you can help, please ask me for the contact details.