I sometimes wonder why Rotarians seem to love getting their hands dirty!


Last Wednesday at PDG Tony Castley’s warehouse at King’s Park, about 20 volunteers, mostly Rotarians gathered early in the morning to help Annabelle Chauncy’s School for Life Foundation workers sort through a mountain of donations, pack useful material in boxes, stack the boxes on pallets and wrap them up awaiting loading into a container for shipment to the Foundation’s schools in Uganda. There were brand new school uniforms by the score, books by the dozen, bicycles, playground equipment and climbing frame, even a water slide! Someone will have loads of fun assembling and distributing the material to very excited children, just as the volunteers in Sydney had great fun getting their hands dirty packing it up to go.


Noel Phelan’s excellent presentation last week on the WW2 Operation Jaywick seaborn commando raid on Singapore outlined the remarkable courage and sacrifices of our parents’ generation in wartime.  A small group of commandos took a fishing boat from Townsville via Exmouth to Singapore and back to create havoc amongst enemy shipping. After succeeding in their perilous first mission, several of the group attempted to repeat the voyage but suffered tragic consequences.


Although completely separate and different, the Club activities this week can remind us how privileged and advantaged we are, and strengthen our resolve to help others when opportunities arise.