Our AGM last week was a little longer than others in recent years, as we were able to welcome our new President Elect Allan and his team of helpers. We are very fortunate this year to look forward with fresh eyes, new enthusiasm and growing numbers to new projects and opportunities to work in our community. In particular, the Festival of Magic later next year will give a whole new dimension to our activities.


Allan’s new team comprises Sue (secretary), Moira (Treasurer), Ken (Club), Iain (Foundation), Warren (Projects), Cathie (Community), Andrew (International), Greg (Vocational), Lindy (Youth), Hugh (Sergeant) and Ted (Bulletin). But like this year, I am sure everyone will play their part as and when they can.


The meeting also moved votes of thanks to recognize special contributions. Bruce has served as Secretary without interruption since 2004, an outstanding commitment. Ken and Ted have brought our activities to a wider audience in separate ways. Hugh has conscientiously set up our room for meetings and kept the time, and Steve and his team at Piato have served us extremely well for over ten years now!


After the formalities, we heard from Neil Howie on the work of the Rotary Foundation and the benefits our District is receiving. There is indeed much to which we in Rotary can look forward!