End of year celebrations have swept us far and wide this week, first to our Christmas dinner at Highgate in Kent Street and then all the way to Stuart Town for the Books in Homes presentation to all the girls and boys at the historic Public School!


We were delighted to welcome 4 visitors to our Christmas dinner, catered and managed by Jaz and Cathie at Highgate. The function room was just the right size to accommodate us comfortably and the copious amounts of festive fare catered to all tastes. Once again, Reg Chard amazed and inspired us with his health, wellbeing and joie de vivre and we shall look forward to seeing him again next year, as he promised!


It was very pleasing to recognise and be recognised by the students at Stuart Town Public School. We were a little surprised that Abi-Lea said she was not looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, until she told us that this year she has completed Grade 6 and must leave her classmates at Stuart Town to attend high school in Molong. We wish her well! Once again, the excitement amongst the children at the prospect of receiving their books was palpable. One mum told she was very pleased that the books have helped her son dramatically improve his NAPLAN reading results, confirming for us all the value of this project and its ongoing importance in this small rural community.


Best wishes to all our readers for a happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year!







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