After being away for the last three weeks, I was delighted to return on Tuesday to find our meeting room absolutely filled with an even number of members and visitors. They hadn’t all come to greet my return of course, but rather to hear an update on the Sydney Metro project and particularly how it is fairing on the Lower North Shore.


Four key members of the project team spoke about different aspects of the project. Neil Dix introduced the big picture, the scope of the development of our rail infrastructure; David Alt told us about the tunnelling and ground works being undertaken in North Sydney; Lani Tan explained some aspects of system safety; and Heather Jackson spoke about the importance of community and stakeholder engagement in the success of such massive governmental undertakings. Many questions showed how familiar our audience was with the project and its problems, both problems resulting from the construction process like noise and vibration and the delivery and removal of materials from work sites, and ongoing issues like the division of the North Sydney CBD by separated transport hubs. We all look forward to the great benefits completion of this work will bring in the not too distant future.


Please remember on Tuesday after Easter there will be no breakfast meeting, but rather a dinner gathering at Moorish Blue in Blues Point Road. If you haven’t already, please let Ken know you are coming!