Salvage of the HMS Nottingham

On 7 July 2002, Nottingham ran aground on the submerged but well-charted Wolf Rock near Lord Howe Island, 370 miles (600 km) off the coast of Australia. A 160 feet (49 m) hole was torn down the side of the vessel from bow to bridge, flooding five of her compartments and nearly causing her to sink.

The accident happened in poor weather after a set of manoeuvres to allow a sailor with an emergency medical condition to be evacuated to Lord Howe Island. The captain Commander Richard Farrington was not on the ship at the time of the incident with XO Lt Commander John Lee in-charge of the vessel. Commander Farrington was ashore having dinner with the island's marine services manager thanking him for the assistance rendered to his crewman.

Nottingham ran aground on Wolf Rock due to a navigational error and the vessel immediately went into damage control mode. Commander Farrington was radioed and returned to the vessel immediately whereby he took command and controlled the breached compartments.

The UK Ministry of Defence salvage department (SALMO) was contacted and assisted with logistics through local marine expert Graeme Mackenzie. The SALMO team assisted by the vessels crew stabilized Nottingham at sea making her ready for the journey into Newcastle.









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Salvage of the HMS Nottingham

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