Wartime story of the MV Krait



Operation Jaywick involved the KRAIT and is considered to be the most daring and successful seaborne raid in military history. This is a story of a Japanese fishing boat that transported a group of commandos from Exmouth in WA to an island 50 miles from Singapore and back. The commandos then paddled their folboats at night from island to island to attach limpet mines to Japanese ships in Singapore harbour. 7 Japanese ships were sunk - 37,000 tons. This raid was kept secret for many years and had terrible consequences for innocent people. KRAIT is now being restored and brought back to the configuration used during the raid on Singapore.

Come along and learn about the training required, the equipment used, the challenges they had to overcome and how they managed to get over 1,000 miles behind enemy territory and back  undetected.   









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At Piato Restaurant 123 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point NSW 2060, Australia

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Wartime story of the MV Krait

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