Melanoma is a type of skin cancer affecting both adults and children, and is the third most common cancer in Australia. Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that stimulates the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells.  Melanoma patients who have received Immunotherapy have an overall survival rate of 70%. Although the majority of melanoma patients responded to immunotherapy, nearly 50% of patients developed drug resistance or experienced toxicities during treatment.

As melanoma tumours are diverse and composed of distinct genetic and phenotypic features, the cells within the tumours are heterogenous. This heterogeneity of cells in cancer can be a major clinical problem because heterogeneity reduces the efficacy of drug resulting in failed treatment. Our recent work highlighted not only the specific gene markers in cell populations that responded to specific immunotherapy drugs, but also the heterogeneity of cellular gene expression among the non-responding patients who failed treatment.

New single-cell sequencing analysis identified distinct response patterns that are associated with longer progression-free survival and greater tumour shrinkage in immunotherapy. Also, the genetic expression and phenotypic profiles will facilitate rationally designed treatment strategies.

Camelia will explain this leading-edge work and its significance in treating Melanoma and other cancers.


Camelia is Postdoctoral Scientist at the Central Clinical School, Melanoma Institute Australia.   Her research goal is to reshape the molecular determinants of treatment response, resistance, toxicity and survival in order to improve outcomes in patients. Her current work involved Phase I, II and III clinical trials in advanced metastatic melanoma, particularly focus on identifying molecular biomarker that correlates with response and resistance to cancer immunotherapy.

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At Piato Restaurant 123 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point NSW 2060, Australia

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